Lavender with lavender honey and chamomile honey biscuits in gift box styled shoot
Spread of lavender honey and chamomile honey tea cookies on lavender and pink napkin
Styled chamomile honey cookies with cruelty-free icing in shaped of heart on lavender
Lavender honey tea cookies with cruelty-free icing on lavender and pink napkin

Mother's Day 2021

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Our working bees have been working hard to churn out the perfect flavour for all the queens. Finally, we have found the ultimate flavour that is worthy of presenting for this year's Mother's Day. May we present you; Chamomile Honey and Lavender Honey tea cookies! 

Contains 120g biscuits of your choice (Approximately 10 pieces)

Chamomile Honey

Gentle notes of apple with mellow, honey-like sweetness in each bite. The silky mouthfeel and yet clean, delicately floral cookie are here to put a smile on everyone's face. Using organic camomile tea and paired with rich honey, this flavour combo is sure to bring joy and relaxation.

Lavender Honey

What better way than to celebrate Mother's Day than to present a gift that is made out of what traditionally known as the "herb of love". The intensely aromatic lavender and honey cookies are here to please both your nose and your taste buds. Just the right flavour for delight, especially when they are made with organic lavender petals!

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