Limited Edition Green Tea Trio
Limited Edition Green Tea Trio
Limited Edition Green Tea Trio

Limited Edition Green Tea Trio

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Indulge your senses with Bombus.Co latest fine creation. Brace yourself for Japanese inspired experience when unboxing the limited edition tin it comes with. Using only premium organic Matcha, Hōjicha, and Genmaicha tea, let each bite take your mind to a state of zen.

Limited availability.


Slow roasted by expert tea makers, Hojicha has a nutty aroma with a slight bitter flavour profile.
Our Hojicha Cookies balances the toasty and smoky flavours of the tea to give you a cookie that melts in your mouth. Garnished with real tea leaves, this cookie is best enjoyed with a hot cuppa for the perfect afternoon treat.


Matcha is a traditional Japanese green tea powder made from finely powdered dried tea leaves. The powder is then incorporated into our cookies to produce a treat with rich, earthy flavours and a pleasantly bitter undertone.

With its vibrant green shade and a sprinkle of green tea leaves, our Matcha Cookies is a delight for the matcha lovers out there.


Genmaicha is a delightful blend of green tea leaves with puffed brown rice.

This combination of tea and rice perfectly balances the earthy, bitterness of the leaves and the toasty aroma of the rice to produce a popcorn flavour.

Our Genmaicha Cookies incorporates these comforting roasted flavours with a delightfully nutty aroma. Topped with genmaicha leaves, this cookie is our personal favourite. Try it for yourself today!

  • Contains approximately 360g biscuits
    • Approximately 30pieces individually packed sablé
  • Garnished with real tea leafs
  • Best shared with 9 of your favourite people.

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